Antisemitism in the Labour Party – the real issues – public meeting – 26th June

19 May

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Three years on, the torrent of antisemitism charges shows no signs of abating. This has proved to be the most effective weapon in the campaign of the right to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party, and the most effective means that an increasingly reviled Israeli state has found to delegitimise its critics. In a worrying development, targets of such charges are now threatened with loss of their jobs as well as expulsion from the Labour Party. 

At a time of growing anti-Jewish and other racism, across Europe and elsewhere, this cynical misuse of the term risks discrediting the concept itself, and makes it more difficult to challenge such racism when it appears. 

Anti-Zionist and Palestine solidarity activists have consistently recognised this, and explicitly rejected and opposed antisemitism. They see Zionism as a racist movement and ideology, and the struggle against it as part of the general anti-racist struggle.

Roland Rance of Free Speech on Israel has been a campaigner against racism and for Palestinian rights for more than forty years. He will examine the terms ”antisemitism” and “Zionism”, and introduce a discussion on how to distinguish between the two, while opposing both of them. 

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West Midlands Combined Authority-business dominance against local democracy

6 Mar

Re-blogged from Birmingham Against the Cuts website…cropped-brumatc-logo.jpg

By Richard Hatcher

This paper is a detailed case study of the WMCA: what is wrong with it and what we can do to change it. 

England has a highly centralised system of government. Devolution to Combined Authorities could provide the opportunity for local citizens to have much more power over the policies that shape their daily lives. But Combined Authorities are a neoliberal economic and social project dominated by business interests and excluding democratic public participation. Local politicians have the power to open them up to democratic reform, empowering citizens and their organisations to reshape their policies to meet social priorities. It’s a question of political will and public pressure. Continue reading


5 Mar
                                                WHERE DO BIRMINGHAM’S LIBRARIES GO NOW?
astonBirmingham City Council has now agreed the city’s budgets, which incorporate the various cuts packages announced in October and finalised last month. Where does this leave the city’s libraries?
Our library service is at a crossroads:

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TRUMPS WAR ON WOMEN- a public meeting- 8th March 2017 International Women’s Day

5 Mar

161109211059-03-trump-protest-1109-super-169.jpgTo mark International Women’s Day we are holding a public meeting with US socialist and feminist Susan Pashkoff on Donald Trump’s war against women.

It is at 7.00pm in the Priory Rooms, 40, Bull Street, Birmingham, B4 6AF Continue reading

International Youth Camp for Socialists, Feminists and Environm

3 Mar

July 23rd – 29th 2017

Do you want to find out more about socialism, feminism and environmentalism?

That’s what the Fourth International’s annual youth camp in near Otranto in the south of Italy is all about.

In a week in the sun with hundreds of young workers, students and campaigners from across Europe you’ll have the chance to:

  • join meetings, workshops, self-organised spaces
  • discuss socialism, feminism, anti-racism, LGBTI struggles, climate change, internationalism and the fight against austerity
  • make friends, have fun,
  • meet leaders of campaigns that rarely make it into the mass media
  • talk culture and communication
  • socialise, share experiences, debate ideas and plan joint actions

This is a unique opportunity for young activists from Britain to meet with other environmentalists, feminists and socialists.

The groups which went to our last couple of gatherings had Labour Party members, activists from the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC), Plan C and the Woodcraft Folk.

If your politics are somewhere around there you’ll love the camp.

Socialist Resistance (SR) will be bringing a delegation from Britain. The camp is organised by young people in the Fourth International, a socialist network which SR supports, and which brings together environmentalists, feminists and socialists in about eighty countries.

You will need a tent and a sleeping bag. The cost for the week, including food is estimated to be £120 plus travel to Otranto.

Much of the site is accessible but if you have access needs please contact us to discuss them.

If you are already in an organisation, ask it to contact us to discuss sending people.

If you want copies of our post card to publicise the camp to others email us at:

Find out more about the Fourth International at

Help fund the FI youth camp – £5,000 financial appeal 

The Fourth International’s annual youth camp for young environmentalists, feminists and socialists who want to discuss changing the world will be held in southern Italy at the end of July.

There is already a lot of interest in joining our delegation both from people who have been to the camp before and from new activists. And if you can help us get the word out further on the anti-Trump protests and other events you are going to email us at to ask us to send you cards.

Some of the young people wanting to go, however, will need financial assistance. The only reasonable way to get there will unfortunately be to fly at least most of the way – we are still investigating the best options – but at any rate it will be more expensive than the last couple of years where the delegation has gone by coach.

Young people are one of the groups worst hit by austerity so many will need our support. We have therefore launched a £5,000 financial appeal in order to give them the assistance they need.

Can you help?

Please give generously.

You can pay

  • By making a bank transfer to Socialist Outlook  080228 70935370 and send an email to saying you have made a donation for the camp
  • By Paypal to : ( please state that this is for the Youth Camp appeal)
  • or by sending a cheque to PO Box 62732 London SW2 9GQ marked Youth Camp appeal



Step up the Boycott of the National Student Survey

27 Feb

Nathan Rogers reports:

The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is something of an oddity on the student left in Britain. Formed in 2010 by a coalition of socialists, anarchists and independent leftists, it struggles for “free, democratic education and universal grants, funded by the taxation of the rich and business”. NCAFC is distinguished from other student organisations by its consistent anticapitalism, commitment to using a diverse range of tactics – never limiting itself to just working within the formal structures of student politics such as student unions and the NUS and rigorous internal democracy.

Continue reading

No More Heroes?

24 Feb

Guest writer Bob Hopkins reflects on the Syrian tragedy…

Forty years after The Stranglers * posed the question, maybe it is time to come up with some answers. There are anti-heroes around today by the bucket full; tyrants, authoritarian demagogues and populist hate-mongers by the dozen, all busy polluting and poisoning the body politic. And that is not to forget the run-of-the-mill administrators of the current order of things.ozymandias1 Continue reading

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