March to Defend the NHS

22 Feb

The march, in London, in defence of the NHS on Saturday 4th March, promises to be huge. We will be there and you should be too!

Get your Momentum, Labour Party, Left Unity group, union branch or student’s union to back the demo.


For all the latest info on the fight to defend the NHS, the Health Campaigns Together website is indispensible.

Click here to download a copy of their latest paper.


The Privatisation and Fragmentation of the NHS

27 Mar

Our next public meeting is with John Lister of (London Health Emergency)

Tuesday 16th April 7.30 pm Council House, Central Birmingham, B3 3BD



Tory bigots out of Birmingham!

1 Oct

from Love Music Hate Homophobia:

Open statement – Homophobic bigots not welcome in Birmingham

Despite the majority of public opinion and support from MPs being in favour 4 to1 of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) rights, the “Campaign for marriage” (C4M) is holding an anti equal marriage rally to galvanise opposition on Monday the 8th October at 1pm in Birmingham Town Hall. The rally has been officially advertised in the Conservative Party Conference fringe guide and promoted by the Daily Mail. All three platform speakers do not just oppose equal marriage – they back ‘gay cures.’ This is about turning the clock back on LGBT rights full stop.

David Cameron claims the Tories are different from the homophobes who introduced Section 28 under Thatcher. Yet, since poor local government election results, the bigots have been allowed to come out of the woodwork. Some Tory ministers now oppose marriage equality. Cameron is giving Tory MPs a “free vote” so homophobic Tories will vote against it. This comes against the backdrop of government cuts and austerity, which are hitting LGBT people disproportionately hard.

We are concerned that the Conservatives are not prepared to take on homophobia in their party or at senior levels of the church as they believe this would alienate their traditional voting base.

We oppose the rally and call on all student and trade unions, community groups, campaigns and faith groups to join a “picket the bigots” protest from 12.30 on Monday 8th October in Victoria Square outside the Campaign for Marriage rally in Birmingham Town Hall.

If you are part of a community group or organisation I hope you can help with formally supporting this statement and event but also to spread the word. There is already significant support from trade union and student groups and we are hoping for LGBT community music and choir groups to join in too. If you can please email back with your

Name, Position & Organisation (this will be used in the publicity)
Your logo or permission to use it if applicable (eg. student society, community group, trade union) to go on a leaflet as a supporter.
Your contact details (which will remain confidential).

If you are not part of a community group or organisation but could help us to promote the event and organise the picket on the day please let me know.


You can find our facebook group here, please spread the word!/events/439278916124926/

Breaking with Labour…?

24 Sep

After the TUC demo…Breaking with Labour?

The crisis of working class representation & the need for a new party of the left

 Speaker: Fred LePlat

Tuesday 23rd October, 7.30pm at the Briar Rose, 25, Bennetts Hill, Central Birmingham, B2 5RE

Five years into the biggest economic crisis of capitalism, there is no end  in sight. The traditional parties of the left and right both offer austerity as the way out. New Labour tell us that cuts are necessary, but not so deep and fast as those by the Tories. A movement of resistance is essential.

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Hillsborough- working class tragedy, ruling class shame

24 Sep
By Andy Richards
I was driving (don’t remember where) when news started filtering through the car radio about what became known as the Hillsborough Disaster on that April day in 1989.  In that pre-Internet age news travelled a little slower than it does now, but I remember sitting there aghast as each bulletin raised the death toll a little higher. Six….fifteen….twenty…..fifty. I remember wondering how horrendously high it would go.

The Council’s devolution policy: empowering communities, or just localised service delivery?

2 Sep

Devolution and localisation is at the heart of our vision for Birmingham. Delivering that vision will be one of our principal objectives when we take control of the City Council.’ That’s what Labour’s Council election manifesto said. What has made the news since then has been a row over the decision to hold the District Committee meetings – these are the renamed Constituency Committees which hold devolved budgets for some Council services (see list at end) – in the Council House rather than in the constituencies.

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Birmingham Labour Council: The first hundred (and 38) days

30 Aug

What is the balance-sheet of Labour’s first 138 days?

What attitude should the left take to the new Labour Council?

Are they no better than their Tory-LibDem predecessors, making the same massive cuts in services and jobs?

Is their policy for economic growth and jobs nothing more than an employers’ agenda? And how realistic is it anway?

Is their devolution policy a step towards public participation in policy-making or is it just a sham?

Are there other Council policies which are actually or potentially progressive, at least in part? Can they be made more radical/

What alternatives should we argue for? What alliances can be built with who over what?

Socialist Resistance invites you to join us in a discussion on Tuesday 18 September in the Council House, Committee Room 1, starting at 7.30pm

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