Breaking with Labour…?

24 Sep

After the TUC demo…Breaking with Labour?

The crisis of working class representation & the need for a new party of the left

 Speaker: Fred LePlat

Tuesday 23rd October, 7.30pm at the Briar Rose, 25, Bennetts Hill, Central Birmingham, B2 5RE

Five years into the biggest economic crisis of capitalism, there is no end  in sight. The traditional parties of the left and right both offer austerity as the way out. New Labour tell us that cuts are necessary, but not so deep and fast as those by the Tories. A movement of resistance is essential.

The TUC demonstration of 20th October is a welcome step towards escalating the action to force back the Tory attacks.

But we also need a political alternative against austerity in the ballot box and in parliament. The election of George Galloway for Respect in Bradford shows that the potential space to the left of Labour is huge.

In Greece, the left coalition Syriza nearly came first in the recent general elections. Syriza is intransigent against austerity, supports striking workers and calls for taxing of the rich. Their election to government could have sunk the plans of the banks and the IMF to make us pay for their crisis.

New broad parties of the left that oppose capitalist solutions to the crisis are gaining ground. Bloco de Ezquerda in Portugal and the Red Green Alliance in Denmark score over 10% in polls and have members in parliament.

In Britain, we also need to work towards a broad political alliance of all those on the left who reject austerity, and argue instead for a society run not for profit but for people and the planet.

The space to the left of Labour is there, and we need a credible political alternative to fill it.

Socialist Resistance invites you to join us in a discussion on Tuesday 23rd October starting at 7.30pm


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